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Are You Concurrent?

After being on a long hiatus from my writing career, I am returning to the stage of literature with a passion. I will be actively promoting my books with new titles, a new website, new contacts, and a new attitude.

All because of an odd, but deeply satisfying, concurrence: the discovery of a rarely used word accompanied by a dream that took hold of my imagination.

I stumbled onto the Biblical principle of Concurrence.

A concurrence is an apparent incompatibility between two apparent truths: Man freely does what he wants, but apart from Christ he only desires sin. Yet God has enabled his people to willingly desire what is good. To quote John Calvin, “God will always find a way through the most profound abyss to the accomplishment of what he has decreed.”

About the same time I discovered this Biblical principle, I had a dream.

I fell asleep one night listening to rock band Bread’s ballad Aubrey and dreamed of a young woman with a puppy in her jacket wandering dark streets in the rain. Four consecutive nights I dreamed of Aubrey Austin as her story took on a life of its own. I let the music incorporated into the novel tell the story of brave Aubrey, post-modern-day knight Ethan and a strange world gone mad in the time of the Concurrency.

Ask yourself: Are you concurrent?

Cheryl Anderson Davis

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