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BOOKS by Cheryl

(Other titles available upon request)



Hope Is Constant
ISBN #1-931742-286

Not many people would be able to keep a promise and remain true after four years of separation, and without any kind of contact, but British cannoneer Angus McDonald made a vow to claim Georgia colonist Rachel Martin as his bride and he intends to keep that promise.


Remaining faithful to that promise is all that is keeping Angus sane, hopeful and true to his beliefs during the early years of the American Revolutionary War. Aware Rachel may believe he has abandoned her, Angus searches for Rachel if only to be certain she is happy. Angus is determined to find Rachel...even at the risk of his own life.



"...the strength of the main characters really shines through the book. HOPE IS CONSTANT has a delightful surprise of the best books I have read in awhile." Writers Unlimited


"...a tale of love literlly torn between two worlds..." Romantic Reviews Today

Southern Complications

Only sweet Southerner Becky Souder's charms seem to soothe shell shocked Lt. Andrew Pike, a surgeon in the Union Army of occupation in Georgia. Though they love one another, Becky's husband Harlan never returned from the war and, being a woman of high morals, she refuses Andrew's advances-unless they can discover the fate of her missing husband. But perhaps the greatest obstacle to their happiness is not if Harlan is truly dead but the dreadful secret Becky has been keeping why Harlan Souder never wanted to come home.


"...a wonderful piece that wil have you reminiscing and bring you into the lives of remarkable characters that will touch your heart...this is a keeper!" The Romance Studio


"...I read this book in a single sitting, intrigued with the story line and the author's skill." Author's Choice Review

Other Titles Available



Anthologies with stories by Cheryl:


WORDS TO WRITE BY (Compiled by Robin Bayne)

Authors share Scipture that have inspired their writing. Cheryl's story of remembering what the writing life is all about is on page 126.


RELIEF NOTES (Compiled by Cherise Bopape)

Letters of encouragement from people of faith who have overcome adversities. Cheryl's amusing story of Financial Adversity is on page 99.


AMERICAN REMEMBERED (Compiled by Lynn Pugh)

Stories looking backing on America's heritage. Cheryl's story The Flag I Will Never Forget on page 141 is an excerpt from her novel in progress PROFOUND THOUGHTS.





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